METALSISTEM goes green! An eco-sufficient business model allowing for ZERO emission and ZERO impact

Last Friday 15th July 2011, METALSISTEM has inaugurated its own large photovoltaic installation achieved at its headquarter premises in Italy, Rovereto, Viale dell'Industria 2. This plant is the second largest in Italy in terms of power generation. The overall area of the photovoltaic installation is 38.677 m² for an equivalent of 11.636 solar panels installed on METALSISTEM's steel support structures, located on the roofs of METALSISTEM's manufacture premises. The total investment of the installation equals 7.5 Million Euro and will generate 3000 Mwh of clean energy per year, covering 93% of the company's energy consumption due to the manufacture process, without polluting the environment.

In addition to significant investments into renewable energies and research, METALSISTEM can also boast a unique manufacture process at ZERO emissions, ZERO impact, ZERO output of waste products: a unique team has created tens of unique global patents protecting METALSISTEM's unimitable manufacture process allowing for products that are completely free of welding and coating.

Another significant innovation project named "TEKNE" refers to the production cyle within the steel industry, achieved by ARVEDI Group  in collaboration with METALSISTEM, aimed at obtaining a product of elevated quality deriving from a recycling process, reducing CO2 emissions, lowering energy consumption and limiting the use of water. Large industrial groups and users of TEKNE steel, among them METALSISTEM, engage to devolve 1,00 € per ton of manufactured and purchased TEKNE steel to a scientific research fund. The scope is to fund research projects focussing on energy saving, sustainability, improvement of production processes, improvement of the quality of life.

Sustainability under all aspects: this is the engagement of METALSISTEM for a company management system that fully respects the environment.

The event had the participation of all institutional organs of the Trentino Region: the Province of Trento, the Municipality of Rovereto, the Industrial Association, various bodies and associations, all of them commenting on the importance of the project undertaken and achieved by METALSISTEM. Enclosed hereto please find press cuttings and photos of the Inauguration Event, as well as of our manufacture premises equipped with the brand new photovoltaic installation.

METALSISTEM Press cuttings (.pdf - 4 mb)

METALSISTEM Informa 604 (.pdf - 1 mb)

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